A required cost with no returns

Did you know your insurance agents makes more per hour than the owner of most of the businesses? It's like overpaying the power bill in obvious areas.


Protecting yourself is easy

Insurance is a fear tactic of the banks and taxes. When you pay a premium, it is a bilateral agreement that if something happens, you have the funds to indemnify the losses. In other words, you need money to protect yourself from the outside and to protect what you already have.

Month-to-Month Insurance

Get a quote from over 100+ carrier systems.
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  • New and existing business ventures

  • One business location

  • Less than $5 million in revenue

  • Less than 30% of revenue from liquor sales (less than 50% for fine dining)

  • Coverage for all kinds of restaurants:

    • Fast food

    • Fine dining

    • Casual dining

    • Family style

    • Home-based kitchens

  • More food and beverage coverage: Bakeries, caterers, coffee shops, food trucks, and grocery stores

Available products, enhancements and limits

  • General liability

    • Liquor liability (Up to $1M/$2M)

    • Employee practice liability insurance (EPLI) (Up to $50K)

    • Damage to rented premises (DRIP) (Up to $1M)

    • Hired and Non-Owned Auto (HNOA) (Up to $100K per occurrence) NEW

    • Cyber (Add or remove $25K or $50K) NEW

  • Umbrella/excess liability

  • Commercial property

    • Building coverage

    • BPP (Up to $750K) HIGHER LIMITS

    • Food spoilage ($10K)

    • Food contamination ($10K)

    • Ordinary payroll expenses (60 days)

  • Workers' compensation