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Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal Consulting

Experienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal ConsultingExperienced, Personal Consulting

Our Philosophy

 Employees are investments; the company is an asset to them. This two-way street must be fully paved and streamlined.  The joint efforts of HR Testing Solutions and RJ Employer Consulting are here to make sure you are not over paying for your HR needs while staying compliant to help you focus on growth and development at the lowest levels of risk. 

Why Us?

 A well-oiled operational system can do wonders on downtime budgets.  As a cost center, it should not take hours to complete a pre-screening or process cyclical risk needs.  Furthermore, staying compliant should not slow you down; it should help you stay fair and profitable.  We couple these inherent costs with our unique insurance, payroll, and HR programs.  A clear win-win strategy.