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Employees are investments; the company is an asset to them. This two-way street must be fully paved and streamlined. The joint efforts of HR Testing Solutions and RJ Employer Consulting are here to make sure you are not over paying for your HR needs while staying compliant to help you focus on growth and development at the lowest levels of risk. A well-oiled operational system can do wonders on downtime budgets. Furthermore, staying compliant should not slow you down; it should help you stay fair and profitable. We couple these inherent costs with our unique insurance, payroll, and HR programs. A clear win-win strategy.


Our team at HRTS & RJEC can you help you avoid making decisions you are uncomfortable with. We will never try to pull you away from a current relationship, and we will earn your respect through knowledge. We want you to be successful, safe, profitable, and secure. Our motto hovers around being socially responsible, your company actions and practices will create a desirable employee environment. Stats show that companies increase productivity by 25% and revenues by up to 40% with employees that care about their executives and company as a whole.

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   From the bottom rung of the proverbial ladder to the top, we want to help you keep a fluid program that implements protecting assets for everybody - by creating a viable work environment where everyone is valued.

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